Youth Spark Field Trips

YouthSpark-600x248Did you know?

Microsoft stores have launched free YouthSpark Field Trips. During these field trips students get hands-on as they learn to code and design games.


Check out this description of an upcoming YouthSpark event at my local Microsoft Store:

Want to power up your phone in a whole new way? Join us for this free, two-hour camp where you’ll get your programming power on, and learn to fix a phone app in no time flat. Beginners to programming discover the basics needed to code a game that runs as an app on a mobile phone or tablet. It’s all part of computer science. Then they can try out how it all works by fixing a Jetpack Jumper game on a Windows Phone, a Surface Pro 3, or maybe even a device of their own. The main character in the game is a crazy robot who is trying to make it through a maze of wacky obstacles.

Students can learn even more by trying out some of the additional activities discussed, as well as by checking out Microsoft’s Learn to Code site or Microsoft Imagine Facebook page. Click Here to learn more about Microsoft YouthSpark.

Contact your local Microsoft store, and ask for the Community Development Specialist to book your YouthSpark Field Trip today.