Windows Hello – EDU Edition

What is Windows Hello and what can it do?

Windows Hello comes in a few forms. With a Real Sense camera, Windows Hello can unlock a computer, tablet, or smartphone by scanning a user’s iris. Windows Hello also works with a fingerprint scanner. Security is provided by storing all biometric information locally on the device, meaning that hackers cannot gain access to it through a network as with traditional passwords. Even if a device is stolen, the device and its contents are useless without the owners biometric authentication.

So how can I use Windows Hello as a Teacher?

Plane simple, the days of typing in your passwords and constantly changing them every 60-90 days are numbered. The days of taking your students to a computer lab and passing out index cards with usernames and passwords for them to use are over. Teachers and students can now, sit in front of a computer and have the device recognize who they are and log them in to the computer using their personal profile in just seconds

Just think of the time you will get back.

Here is a quick video on how to set up Windows Hello and a deeper explanation on the possibilities with Windows Hello.