Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Teacher Update

So far I am loving Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Here are some nice additions and features that you can take advantage of with this update.

1) Windows Hello, Microsoft’s biometric authentication mechanism can now be accessed through the lock screen. You can now ask or get information from Cortana with out logging on to the device.

2) Microsoft added the Windows Ink Workspace. You can say goodbye to the interactive whiteboards with this little feature. In the past you could maximize inking with OneNote or through Edge. Now with the Windows Ink Workspace you can ink over anything. Some nice features include being able to ink on sticky notes, a sketch pad, or any screen sketch.

3) Edge browser now supports extensions. One of my favorite ones is Last Pass. It is a safe and secure spot to keep your Passwords and it integrates with Edge, IE, Chrome, IOS and more.

4) Active Hours: You can now set up active hours, which will make sure that no updates come through to your device during those active hours.

Specifically for EDU:
Take a Test App: This app can be found through the Windows Store for Business. The app will allow you to go and lock down your students device into a kiosk mode where you will be able to simulate a high stakes testing environment with any assignments or website.

take a test

Set Up A Schools PC App:
This app helps you set up new computers running Windows 10. You can use this app to set up your students’ PCs without help from your IT department:

  • A computer set up this way is tailored to provide students with the tools they need for learning while removing apps and features that they don’t need.
  • Places tiles for OneNote, Office 365 web apps, Sway, and Microsoft Classroom on the Start menu
  • Installs OneDrive for cloud-based documents and places it on the Start menu and taskbar
  • Sets Microsoft Edge as the default browser
  • Uninstalls apps not specific to education, such as Solitaire and Sports
  • Turns off Offers and tips
  • Prevents students from adding personal Microsoft accounts to the computer

set Up a pc