Virtual Green Screening with PERSONIFY

personify1As flipping the classroom becomes more popular in academic settings, teachers seek out ways in which they can create meaningful video content for students which is where Personify Chroma can become a true asset in the classroom.

Personify is an app that allows users to capture a picture or video that acts as a background for a video. Personify offers an opportunity for teachers to create video content that also allows them to create a presentation and then overlay video of themselves teaching the material. After downloading the Personify application, the user automatically receives Personify Cameo which allows the removal of the original background and gives the user an opportunity to replace it with a background of their choice. Personify offers technology and software that corporate training organizations have recognized as offering meaningful technology for supporting distance learning. What this means for educators is that they can use that same teaching model to help their students succeed. Using a PowerPoint presentation as the background, a teacher can stand in front of the presentation and treat the video as though they are teaching in a face to face situation.

For teachers fully integrated into the Microsoft world, Personify acts as an easy to use video content creation application. Personify requires a depth-sensing camera such as the Microsoft Kinect for Windows or the Asus Xtion Pro Live. When hooked up through Personify, the user no longer needs to have a physical green screen in the background to overlay the video. Personify Chroma uses a chroma key embedded in the software so that only that which is in the camera range is shown.

When flipping a classroom, teachers need to find unique technology to help create an engaging students meaningfully while trying to share the information needed for the in-person portion to make it educational. With Personify Chroma, teachers can simulate the same types of traditional lessons for the virtual experience so that they are able to fully commit to the flipped classroom method.

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