VideoScribe – Simple Whiteboard Video Animations

video scribe 2

VideoScribe allows you to make your own whiteboard video animations extremely easy. You can use VideoScribe on a PC, Mac, or iPad. It is not difficult at all to use and your students and teachers will love it. Download the program, use images that VideoScribe has from their library, or bring in your own personal images and it is a matter of some simple steps and you have one really cool VideoScribe.

Student and Educator Use Ideas:

• Complex concepts explained in their lessons
• Fun introduced to dry topics
• Hands-on tool to teach storytelling, narration and design
• Enjoyable homework exercises
• Students present their learning to the class
• Reverse, or flipped classroom, teaching
• Videos posted for recap at home
• Revision scribes for exams
• Software to learn in IT
• Resources for distance learning

Go to VideoScribe to learn more.