Video Creation Apps


30 Hands (available for iPad)

30 Hands allows you to create narrated slide shows. All you need to do is import images from your iPad’s camera roll then press the record button below each image to record your narration. If you don’t have any pictures on your iPad you can take pictures using the 30hands app. 30hands also allows you to draw images instead of importing pictures.

Tip: You can combine imported pictures with drawn images in your presentations. And you can draw on top of imported images. When your project is complete you can save it on your iPad or share it with the 30hands community.



Pixntell (available for iPad)

Pixntell is an iPad app for quickly creating simple narrated photostories. To create a story using Pixntell all that you need to do is start a new project, select some images, place them in order, and then start talking about each of your pictures. You control the timing for each image. If you want to talk about your first picture for twenty seconds, your second picture for just three seconds, and your third picture for fifteen seconds, you can do that. Pixntell allows you to crop your pictures, add text them, add filters to them, place fun stickers on your pictures, and draw on your images highlight a portion of them. When your project is complete you can upload it directly to YouTube, save it in your Dropbox account, share it on Facebook, or send to friends via email.

Tip: Share your project by uploading it to facebook, Youtube and E-mail. You can also share and save your creation using dropbox.


 Video Star

Video Star (available for iPad)

Video Star is a fun and free music video creation app. To create a music video on Video Star just select a song that you have stored on your iPad then start shooting live video. The music will play for as long as you record or until the end of the song. You can also import images from your iPad to create your video. Video Star also lets you apply special effects to your video. Some of the effects that you can apply include text boxes, title boxes, frames around images, transitions, and split screens.

Tip: Make sure that you take advantage of the hundreds of built-in effects.



Loopster (available for iPad)

Loopster is a free IOS video creation app.  App functionality includes the ability to add comment/speech bubbles, sound effects, slow motion, crop/edit video, splice, and more. You can import images and videos from your iPad’s camera roll or shoot a new video with the app and edit it.

Tip: When your Loopster project is completed you can share it to YouTube, Facebook, or email it. Your completed Loopster projects can also be saved to the camera roll on your iPad. Make sure that you share the hard work that you students have been putting into creating these videos.


Videolicious (available for iPad)

This easy-to-use video editing app allows users to easily create a polished video in three steps, Choose content [photos or video clips from your camera roll], record your own narrative to elaborate on the images/video, select music from the Videolicious copyright-free library and the software will automatically trim, layer, and mix your shots into a professional-looking video.

Tip: High-resolution, horizontal photos work best.