Using epic video game music as an inspirational productivity tool

I remember other teacher colleagues of mine putting relaxing music while their students worked on assignments. At first I thought this was a pretty cool idea until I tried it with my students and then came to the realization that it was not for me. I then tried of course putting something more upbeat, but did not have time to screen the music or find anything that was upbeat that would somehow be appropriate for my students. Apparently my selection of music those days were questionable to say the least.

I now find myself working on my PC constantly while I listen to music and it was not till the other day that it hit me that I don’t listen to any words. The music is nothing more than a rhythm and beat that you can zone into and use as a pace for thinking and working.

I visited a high school a couple of weeks ago during hour of code and met an awesome teacher that was using gaming music themes while his kids worked on the Hour of Code. I then thought to myself, this is Brilliant!

Apparently this is something that he does often. The music he uses with his students is upbeat, something that the students can relate to (Gaming), and it gives the students that necessary rhythm and pace to get things done which we all strive for as we sit down and work with our devices.

Here is the YouTube video/music that he played in his class. The video is called: 2.5 Hour Awe Inspiring and Epic Video Game Music Collection