The Tile – GPS Tracking For Your Items

tile-hero-shot-blackHow many times have we misplaced or lost our keys, wallet, iPads, and backpacks? Tile helps solve this issue. One of the best features of IOS devices is the find my iphone or find my Mac feature, I can’t being to describe how many times I have said, if only I had that for my keys and other valuables.

Tiles are about the size of a half dollar, Bluetooth-enabled low energy devices that track your belongings. You can stick the whiteTile to almost any object or device and track it thanks to the TILE iOS app.

How does it stick: Tile has a double-sided adhesive that allows the Tile to stick to other surfaces. The product is being attached to keys,purses/wallets, books, technolgy and just about anything that you want to track or not loose.

Each account can currently track up to 10 Tiles.

What is the range?

The advertised range is about 50 t0 150 feet.

What is the cost?

It currently sells for 19.95

My Favorite Feature:

If your item is out of range, using your smartphone, you can send a signal to it as a lost item and other tile users can get the notification if the tile is within range.

Educational Use:

As we start seeing BYOD more prevelant in schools, I can easily see me adding a tile to my childs bookbag, or the actual device itself, as an extra precaution to finding the device if they get lost.