The Biggest User Presentation- Season 4 #FETC

thGT398V1UThis year I was asked again by my good friend Cindy Lane (@CLANE) to co-present at FETC in a session called “The Biggest User, Season 4”

The purpose of the session is to share tools and see which ones the audience are interested in, as well as which ones they think they would be willing to implement in there classrooms.

Thought I would share some of my new favorite EdTech Tools.


Collaboration: 81Dash

81dash background81Dash is an EDU Backchannel that empowers teachers to control the student collaboration environment. 81Dash is a backchannel where teachers and students can have an online space created by the teacher to Discuss any topics. Within the chat students can add images and Documents. Content is fully searchable in 81dash, and a user can create personal tasks, notes, or chat comments.

Teachers have full control to remove students, lock down there environments to make it more private, and pull transcripts for documentation of any sort.

81Dash was created by classroom educators and the tool is 100% Free and will remain Free. Here are some previous posts on 81Dash.


Communication: BING PULSE

Bing Pulse

Communication is not always written words and it is not always simply just speaking to each other. Some times you want to communicate to get a point across but what is also important, is the ability to understand the mood or impression that the other person is feeling as you relay your message. You want to be able to gage there”PULSE” to see if the message you are giving is landing well.

This is no different when speaking to students or educators. Student insight and engagement can be crucial in the classroom environment, and Bing Pulse helps you manage both of those.  Microsoft Pulse allows you to have Real-time voting and polling, messaging, social media integration, customizable content, instant insights and more.

So how can I use it in the classroom?

You can build dynamic lessons and give your students the ability to provide real-time responses that show whether they are understanding the lesson or not. Microsoft Pulse is also a great collaboration tool. It can assist in making the classroom environment more  interactive and fun by grouping students into teams. You can also track student performances by team.


Critical Thinking: SNIP

 Snip featuredSnip is a visual storytelling tool. If you use the Snipping tool in Windows today that is great, however using Snip will be a better experience because its lightweight and much more powerful.

With Snip, you can add your own voice, ink and annotations to an image and share it with your friends/co-workers in ways that you can’t share snips today.



Creativity: Video Scribe

video scribe 2VideoScribe allows you to make your own whiteboard video animations extremely easy. You can use VideoScribe on a PC, Mac, or iPad. It is not difficult at all to use and your students and teachers will love it. Download the program, use images that VideoScribe has from their library, or bring in your own personal images and it is a matter of some simple steps and you have one really cool VideoScribe.



Bonus Round: OFFICE LENS

Picture1Office Lens is the perfect pocket scanner for docs and whiteboard images. Office Lens also allows you to convert old printed papers into editable documents. One of my favorite uses is of Office Lens is to simply scan students work and organize them into OneNote.