“Tell Me” Feature in Office 2016

With the release of office 2016 a new feature designed to help you quickly find what you need was launched. This feature is called Smart Lookup.

Smart Lookup lets you fact-check and learn more about terms contained in emails and other documents without leaving your Office app. Select the text in question and Smart Lookup uses the surrounding content to deliver contextually relevant results, including Bing’s great image results, web searches and more. Smart Lookup is available in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.


Smart Lookup is also available through a new feature called Tell Me which helps you find the right command quickly. Just type a word or two related to the task and Tell Me takes you directly to the feature or content you need. For example, if you type “new images,” “add pic”, or even just “pic,” Tell Me will display the Insert Picture command, or you can Get Help (powered by Bing) or use Smart Lookup. Tell Me is also available there and in Access, Visio and Project.

Tell MEOffice, which is the unquestionably the standard in the business world as well as in education continues to get stronger and more intuitive for its users.