SWIVL – A video solution to keep your students on board

Imagine helping each of your students with a private home teaching lecture. That would be a great opportunity to keep them focused and guide them through the lesson with an in-depth understanding of the topic. To do so, you just need Swivl, an on-line cloud based video app (for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) that allows you to create and share with your students rich video presentations for free.

How Swivl works?

swivlTo start creating your video, you need to upload to Swivl capture app (available for smartphone and tablet) your slide presentation (PPT or Keynote) or any visual support.
Now, your project has been created. Review it as much as you like until titles and slide descriptions are helpful to make the lesson easier for your students.

Then, is time to synchronize your slides with the speech using the ‘Capture video + slides’ option. That will display the front camera on your mobile device to start recording yourself the presentation. When you are done, upload the video to Swivl cloud and edit it until you love the final result. Finally, share it with your students and make them participate using the comment options.

How you can use Swivl for education?

Swivl is a great tool for recording flipped lessons, which would help absent students or low-paced ones to review the lectures at home with their families to keep up-to-date with the subject. Furthermore, it is an amazing tool to improve student results and marks by reviewing the whole lesson at home as it was at school, as much as they want.

In addition, Swivl, is also a good tool for personalized teacher feedback or even self evaluation; helping students to develop their communicational skills.

Why is swivel good for Students?

Swivl gives your students the chance to enjoy personal guidance through their studies with rich media material and real time feedback. Definitely, Swivl is the perfect tool to sharp student’s skills.