SWAY – Create multimedia presentations for your students

Sway-blank-boardSway is a Microsoft on-line application that will turn upside-down the way you think of presentations. It allows you to create a multimedia story line full of text, pictures, videos, charts, files, tweets or embeds from your One Drive, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Social Media accounts (Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest). Furthermore, Sway crawls the web to suggest you another media resources that are related to your topic, allowing you to access content all over the web. You can access Sway from Office 365 or from Sway.com.

How Sway works?

You can create your Sway presentation by using its drag and drop system; adding text, media or chart cards; or inserting files from your social media and cloud accounts.

To develop the story line you just need to move and organize the content (from top to bottom) in the order you would like it to be displayed on your final presentation. In addition, anytime you add media to the presentation, you can group it and choose how it will be shown (grid, slide-show, comparison or stack).

Regarding the design layout, you can use any of the design options that Sway has or customize it changing colors and fonts to suit your school branding. In addition, you can decide the direction of the navigation (vertical or horizontal), plus Sway adapts the presentation to the dimensions of the device it is being displayed (desk computer, tablet or smartphone) to ensure a great presentation experience.

Moreover, if you want to try out something surprising, click the ‘Remix’ option, and your presentation will be the result of a mixture of different design layouts.

Once you have the final Sway design share it on social media, embed it on your school web page or blog, or email it.

The best of Sway:

If you prefer to use Word files, you can also create all the content on Word and upload the doc file to Sway. The application will automatically adapt your doc file to different Sway title and text cards. That sounds like magic!

How can you use Sway for educational purposes?

Sway is a great tool to create content for on-line courses or webinars where the teacher can add as many information sources related to the topic or subject as he/she wants. It is the perfect platform to grab the attention of the readers and get them to know more about what they are learning. Also, Sway can be used for digitizing school newspapers; sending personalized student reports to their families; or sharing the internal newsletter for the school staff.  At its bare minimum, Sway is the perfect tool for story boarding an idea.

Start creating compelling, attractive and design professional looking presentations to get the attention of your students with Sway!