PLICKERS – A real-time student progress tracking solution

PlickersGames, trivia, and fun classroom activities can easily help your students embrace new knowledge in a new simple and cost effective way. Imagine having the ability to capture live data and give it purpose for things like lesson planning while encouraging your students to engage and learn throughout the day.

Plickers is a mobile app for teachers that lets you collect real-time response of your class without the need for student devices. Plickers works with printable cards that you can download from their website and scan with your smartphone to track your class progress.

How Plickers work

Every card has a squared picture on it, and on each side of the square there is a multiple choice answer (A,B,C,D). You just need to print as many cards as you have students and then start assessing them verbally during your lesson.

Preparing the quiz questions is very simple. Log in to Plickers from your computer or your mobile device and click on ‘Library’ to start creating your battery of questions. There you can choose whether you want a multiple choice or a true or false question. If you are managing several subjects at a time, you can also organize the questions per subject on ‘Classes’ and prepare different trivia for each of them.

To keep track of your students’ progress, you will need to upload to Plickers your student class data. When you scan the Plickers cards using your mobile device, Plickers will show you each student result in red (wrong answers) or green (right answers). In addition, Plickers allow you to print individual progress reports for each of your students, which will empower you with the necessary student data to focus mastery of the content.

Plickers can be a marvelous app that helps your students remember the highlights of the lesson or even use as an exit ticket which will hopefully stimulate them to study and be more engaged in the class lesson.