PADLET – Collaborative board for brainstorming ideas

Managing team projects could be a nightmare when more than 5 people are involved. It can be challenging to get everyone to agree on a topic or give simultaneous feedback.

Insert Padlet – imagine a collaborative board where you can contribute with your ideas, examples and drafts from any device, anywhere, anytime?

What is Padlet?

padlet_CFPadlet is a very easy to use on-line collaborative brainstorming board for teachers and students. You just need to create a board, and double click on it to start typing your ideas or drag and drop files such as PDF, pictures, videos or URL that inspired you to develop your project.

Whether you are using it by yourself or as a team, all the changes are immediately updated and everyone on the board can see what other team members contributed to the project.

Remember that if you have any questions, you can always check Padlet’s ´Get help’ section on the right bar menu. A list of tips and tricks will be displayed to guide you through the board.

How can you use Padlet at School?

You can use Padlet for everything you can imagine. Padlet is a very efficient tool for creating inter-multidisciplinary projects, mental maps, internal communication processes, organizing events, scheduling teachers exams, brainstorming ideas to improve your school or subject plan, involving your students in a group project or keeping parents aware of the school news. In addition, It is a good app to use as a two way communication channel with students and their families, as well as with all the teachers and school staff.

Share your school project with the world:

padlet-sharing-optionsOnce your project is done, you can save it as a PDF, picture or CVS; share it by e-mail or social media; embed it into your school blog or web page; create a QR code to share it as a text message or print it. Padlet, is an amazing tool to improve your processes and involve the whole school in a collaborative team project doing both, enhancing teamwork skills and a technology friendly educational experience.