OneNote for iOS gets friendly EDU Update

OneNote-July-mobile-updates-for-iOS-and-Android-2According the Office Blogs, Microsoft has merged two separate OneNote Apps and made the user experience event better for iOS. This was definitely key as the continue to move toward Universal Apps that work on both iOS and iPhone.

New iPad Features:

Today Widget—Create new notes, start a list, and access your most recent notes with one tap from the Notification Center. This is a great way to quickly capture something before you forget without having to navigate to the app.

Recent Notes—Find your most recently edited notes with the “Recent Notes” view to display the list of recent notes across all the notebooks open on your iPad

Page Previews—If you turn your iPad into landscape mode you will see page previews. This makes it quick to remember what content is on a page.

Document/Whiteboard camera—Thanks to your feedback about the document/whiteboard camera not working properly, we were able to fix the bug; it turns out the lens cap was left on when using the Document/Whiteboard camera.

Why this is important?

Microsoft continues to show a strong push toward not only universal apps, but just the ability to make sure that users have an incredible experience with their productivity tools no matter what platform they use. OneNote is arguably the best productivity tools for education and it is clear that Microsoft is committed to educators.