Mentimeter – simple but powerful polling tool.

mentimeter 2There is too much one way communication in lectures, classrooms and even business meetings. As a person who is constantly presenting, I am always looking for ways to engage an audience by asking for feedback and allowing them to participate and interact with key components of my presentation/message.

I truly believe that everyone wants to be heard. As I continue my endless search for tools that allow the audience to voice their thoughts and opinions in a way that is simple yet powerful I think I may have found a great web tool called Mentimeter. Mentimeter allows the audience to visualize the answers, think and then reflect. Your audience truly feels involved when you give them an opportunity to participate and voice their opinion with this tool.



Steps to create an interactive presentation using Mentimeter:

  • Create a question
  • Present
  • Audience grabs there device
  • Audience goes to specific URL
  • Enters Code
  • And types in the answer.