How to password protect your SWAY.

Using Office 365 you are able to limit sharing the sharing of Sways to your school district/office 365 tenant. This means that you can basically set up a Sway so that only students or teachers at your school can view your Sways. Today, you are able to add one new level of privacy by setting passwords for your individual Sways. This will make sure that only people whom you have shared that password with are allowed to view your Sway.

To add a password, sign into Sway with your Office 365 account and follow these steps:
1. Click on the Share icon on the top navigation bar of your Sway.
2. On the menu that appears, click More options, then click Require a password to view or edit this Sway.


3. In the Create password dialog box, choose a password for your Sway. Make sure it has at least 8 characters, including a number, uppercase letter, and lowercase letter.


4. Toggle between the two options: Password required to view or edit or Password required to edit.

When you share your Sway, others will need to enter your selected password to view it.


Remove the password from your Sway

1. Click on the Share icon on your Sway’s top navigation bar.
2. On the menu that appears, click More options, then click Remove.


Viewers will now be able to view or edit your Sway without a password.

Source Credit: Office Blogs