How to Import contacts from Outlook into the People app on Windows 10

people 1I get asked a lot how can I maximize the use of the Windows 10 People App, and how do I bring my contacts from other services? This blog hopes to just answer that. It would be nice to have a digital one stop shop for all of my contacts. A place that would automatically sync with me as I move from computer to computer through the years. Windows 10 stores contact names and numbers in app called People app. If you follow these simple steps you will be able to view and access all of your contacts through the Windows 10 People app.


Step 1:

Launch the People App. You can do this by click on the Windows icon key on your keyboard and type “People”. Select the People app.


Step 2:
Inside the People app, click on settings. (You can do this by click on the three dots in the top right corner.


Step 3:
Inside people settings, click on “Add an Account”

Step 4:
Select the  or the account that you wish to import your contacts from.
This will bring you to an Outlook login page. Here you need to enter your account email username and password and select “sign in”.


By completing these simple steps you should be able to select the People app and find all of the contact resources that you are looking for.

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