Guide to Podcasting, what to use and more.

This year I had the pleasure of working closely with James Gubbins @JMGUBBINS and Michelle Russell @MICHELLERUSSELL on the #EDUWIN podcast. This is something that I took great pleasure in doing and wanted to share our guide to podcasting to give you an idea of what we used and what tools we liked that can easily be used in the classroom.


Creating Podcasts:

  • Youtube

  • Garageband

  • Audacity

  • Audiopoo

  • iPadio

How do I listen to a podcast?

There are several exciting ways to consume audio and video information.  Everyone has their favorite.  Here are just a few.

Educational Podcasts:

  • TechEducator Podcast: Yes, this one is a no brainer for this list. What happens when you mix for tech-heads with a puppeteer and throw in a live audience??? The TECHEDUCATOR Podcast is your LIVE weekly webinar series that covers everything from Pedagogy to Equipment and beyond.  Check out the TechEducator Podcast LIVE every Sunday night at 7pm eastern.

  • Techlandia: A Great show run by one of the co-hosts of the TechEducator Show. Techlandia is a fun show that takes you through the world of educational technology. Every show gives 3 apps, 3 people to add to your personal learning network, and 3 cool topics from the week in education. They produce live shows every Saturday night around 11pm eastern.

  • Instructional TechTalk: If you are looking to learn EVERYTHING about technology from someone who knows EVERYTHING about technology, look no further than Instructional Tech Talk and it’s host Jeff Herb.  Jeff just spend a month deconstructing Apple’s Configurator application, a tool that is used world wide by school districts implementing iPads.  It’s a GREAT series that you should check out.  Do you have an interest in Evernote?  Jeff has that for you as well. Check out @InstTechTalk on Twitter today and catch his podcast on iTunes.

  • EduVue: On Monday nights, the EduVue girls from Atlanta come out and play.  EduVue is a great show that can be found at or by using the #EduVue Hashtag

  • TeacherCast: No edupodcasting list would be complete.  The TeacherCast Podcast, now in it’s 3rd year has produced more than 100 round table style audio and video podcasts and to date almost 400 shows in total.  If you are looking to learn from the best educators, and hear from the best edtech developers, tune in each week to the TeacherCast Podcast hosted by Jeff Bradbury.

Educational Ideas for Podcasting

  • Retell portions of stories complete with background music and sound effects to demonstrate their understanding of tone, setting and theme as well as practice their reading fluency.

  • We could go on and on with ideas but would love to hear from you in the comments section on your educational ideas for podcasting.


Gadgets/Toys for Podcasting?

  • Blue Snowball Ice USB Microphone with HD Audio

  • JABRA UC VOICE 550 SERIES (Head Set)

  • P820-M Calisto Speakerphone

  • Device: Microsoft Surface Pro (Windows 8.1)