GRAPHITE – Get inspiration to create tech friendly lesson flows

graphite-homeGraphite is a free on-line platform that helps you discover new EdTech resources (apps, games and websites) to integrate technology into your curriculum.

Furthermore, Graphite has a community of teachers that share  best practices and inspiring ideas on how to create tech-rich effective lesson.  Whether you are a Curriculum Specialist, Teacher, or Tech Specialist Graphite is an excellent tool to start the school year with.

You can use Graphite to browse for apps, games or websites by subject (language, math, science, social studies, arts or health), grade, price, skills (tech skills, critical thinking, communication, creativity or career prep) and purpose (curriculum, targeted practice, design & creativity, productivity, presentation, reference, assessment or classroom management). All in one place!

Graphite allows you to  filter your search by teachers’ rating, graphite rating, title or last updated. An option that gives you the chance to know and compare different experiences using an app, getting inspiration from other colleagues and helping you decide what is best for your learning environment.

graphite-searchIn addition, Graphite offers great features for teachers such as Lesson flows (a section where you can find tech-rich lesson plans from other professors that combine digital tools with common teaching practices), Teachers Center (a professional hub that provides you with best practices, how to articles, webinars and training videos to improve your teaching practice) and an EdTech Blog (a place to keep up-to-date of new apps and get inspiring ideas). Graphite can easily be seen as a  formative/digital tool space that empowers you with knowledge on how to transform your teaching with some of the latest and greatest EDU sites/tools.

It is easy to create your own Graphite account and start your learning and sharing today.

Graphite is truly the best way to find EdTech resources, get inspiring ideas and share your expertise with all the teaching community. A platform to expose you to new teaching solutions that fit this digital era we live in.