Formative Assessment Made Easy & Interactive

Formative assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. It is a quick way to determine what your students understand and helps to guide instructional decisions. While there are several game-based formative assessment tools out there (Kahoot! & Quizizz), there are times when teachers need a more customizable tool that allows them to create multiple types of formative assessment. Enter Formative.

Formative is more than just multiple-choice assessment. Students can answer questions using text, submit and annotate an image, or show their work using Formative’s drawing canvas. Have a formative assessment you’ve already created? You can upload it to Formative and a few clicks later create an interactive assessment that allows you to give immediate feedback to your students using the Live Results option.

Formative 1

Formative is FREE for teachers and students, works across all content areas, grades, and devices, and is super easy to use.

Take your formative assessment to the next level with Formative!

Guest Blogger: Danielle K. Vogel

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ELA Teacher | Tech Innovator Runner. Learner. Tech Enthusiast.