Fake Text Your Way Into Engagement

One thing that I am very pasionate about is presenting material differently. In a world where the new paper and pencil are mobile devices, maybe we should spice things up in presentations. I am not referring to texting everyone the content of your presentation but maybe throw one or two slides in there with a texting feel just to mix things up.

IFAKETEXT is a nice Web 2.0 tool that allows you create fake text messages that look realistic, but still allow you to have full control of customizing the messages.

Ifake text

How do I use this in my classroom:

It’s all about the content:

Change the text content from conversational to content related.


Just like in previous posts, we had suggested the concept of creating fictional/historical social media accounts, well now you have the ability to create fictional/historical text messages.

Bell Ringers:

Start your class with a text. One that allows them to think deeply or maybe recall information. Start your class off with something captivating that will instantly grab the students attention.

ifaketext-example-yvxndsRecap Learning:

One of my favorite student activities is asking students to recap a story. When you limit them to 5 texts, then it really gets hard because they have to make tough decisions on what they felt was truly important. Now add fake text to this process and you have some creative, funny, and impressive texts. As a teacher, this is where I start looking to see how the student read the story, and analyze what they thought was important. Their responses always seems to intrigue me based on the variance within the assignments.

Have Fun:

I am all about keeping things professional, but there is nothing wrong with having some “SAFE” fun with these templates. Throw in some jokes in there every once in a while, and help keep the mood and feel of your class positive but loose.