Class Notebook Add-In for OneNote

The OneNote team is at it again. They are set on “Empowering Educators” by continuing to listen to the teacher and student voice while making OneNote the premier EDU tool. The impact of OneNote in the last year has been beyond impressive. Currently over 400,000 Educators use OneNote and over 3.5 Million Students since June of 2015.

So what is the news?

The OneNote Team released a customer preview of the Class Notebook add-in for OneNote. This release is currently out in 43 languages across 61 worldwide markets.

Onenote 1


So how does this affect me?

One of the top teacher requests made to the OneNote team has been to simplify the way that a teacher distributes pages to students. The OneNote team did just that. They simplified it to two clicks. What does this exactly mean? – this means no more sending students to the content library to copy the page themselves. Now a page can be distributed in just two clicks.

This is such a positive change, especially for Elementary and Middle School Educators using Class Notebook.

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But Wait! There is More!

OneNote Team also added features like Individual and Group Distributions. This now allows teachers to distribute a page to specific students rather than everyone in the class. This is perfect for differentiating instruction.  See image below for example of how a teacher can do this.

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Another key request from educators have been finding a way to simplify how to review student work. It is very powerful to go into each student’s private notebook but it can also be time consuming when it comes to grading student work. Now teachers can do rapid sequential reviewing of student work in one or more classes with the REVIEW STUDENT WORK pane that pops up (see image below). Click on a student brings up the student page without having to navigate back and forth in the Notebook pane. Absolutely love this feature!

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The last new features is the launch of the Office 365 Class Notebook app and Professional Development.  No one will argue with you on how valuable professional development can be if done right. Most of the time half the battle is making sure that you have access to Professional Development resources when you need them the most. The OneNote team did just that. They have added five buttons onto the tool bar that gives them easier access to Create Class Notebooks much easier, Add/Remove Students, Add/Remove Teachers, Get Notebook Links, and access instant Professional Development. This simplifies the process for creating Class Notebooks and give them access to videos and other OneNote resources.

Onenote 5I believe the lesson here is, ask and you shall receive. Thank You @OneNoteEDU and keep it coming!