AcademyLion Unveils New Version of 81Dash, Adds Improvements to Functionality

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AcademyLion Unveils New Version of 81Dash, Adds Improvements to Functionality

81Dash aimed at simplifying the backchannel experience for the classroom.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) June 26, 2015

AcademyLion, Inc. announces a major update of its classroom backchannel, 81Dash, featuring a complete redesign and some new features aimed at streamlining its use in classrooms from the moment teachers and students log in.

One less login, easy to remember. The first addition is the option of remembering one less password. Users may now use their Google or Microsoft logins to sign into their 81Dash accounts. This feature is designed to help manage the growing number of usernames and passwords.

A simpler, more intuitive layout. All the features of 81Dash are now reorganized into a drawer-style dashboard that not only keeps the distractions to a minimum, but also makes it more mobile-friendly. Also, all users are able to focus even more by expanding the chat window and going full screen. The simplicity is also enhanced with a visual color-coded arrangement and easily recognizable icons. Teachers and students will be able to find and use the features they need quickly, so no time is wasted and the conversation keeps moving.

More information, more control. Room creators have been able to upload and manage users in their rooms from the “Dash Room” panel. Now, creators can also see which users are online and currently in the room. This makes it easier for teachers to manage class discussions and ensure that everyone is involved in the conversation. Additionally, chat transcripts will now include any images shared, even if they have been deleted from the chat, meaning teachers will have a better record of all activity in the room.

The global resource of social media. The power of 81Dash is in making the backchannel accessible in the classroom. Expanding on this idea, users with Twitter accounts are now able to tweet responses from within the Dash Chat. This allows teachers and students the option to expand the conversation, seek outside input, promote widespread collaboration, and foster digital citizenship skills.

AcademyLion will work on more improvements and features for 81Dash as it moves through the stages of the beta test on to complete release in the coming months. “We want to be sure we are building a tool that is as useful as possible for everyone, so we are concentrating on making sure every feature works as it should,” said Stephanie Fernandez, CEO of AcademyLion, “As the needs of teachers and students change, AcademyLion plans to continue evolving 81Dash so that it continues to meet the digital demands of the 21st-century classroom.”